What do we need to do to book your DJs?

Call us at 1(800) 248-3234. To reserve the services for your date, we need a signed agreement and a small deposit (as little as $50).

We offer a private consultation during which we will answer all your questions to make sure you have all the facts you'll need. We can offer our advice, show you different options for your special day, and work out an agenda of events to ensure that your special day is as fun and memorable as you have envisioned it to be.

How far in advance do we need to reserve your services?

We do not have a set deadline. As long as we have your date available, we will be happy to provide the DJ for your event. However, we recommend that you book as early as possible -- booking your DJ 12 to 18 months in advance is highly recommended. By booking early, you have a better chance of getting the best DJ before someone else reserves for your date.

What type of music will be played?

What ever you want! We carry a huge selection of music which includes:

The Standards, Swing, Country, Rock, Techno, Jazz, House, Latin, R&B,
Hip Hop, Rap, Top 40, Contemporary, Today's Current Hits,
and we can often download music on the spot.

You can choose the types of music you would like us to provide as well as letting us know of anything you do not wish to hear. Your DJ will also be taking and playing requests from your guests throughout the festivities.

Assuming an average length of 3 minutes per song, we will play around 100 songs at a five hour event--including background & dinner music. However, we bring over 10,000 songs with us. That's enough music to do over 100 such events without repeating a song!

Click here to see a music list. This will give you an idea of the range of music we can provide. However, the list does not contain every song we have available. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.    

How good and reliable is the equipment used?

Our DJs use top of the line equipment enclosed in customized, attractive consoles. We also offer true diversity UHF wireless microphone systems to ensure the highest quality. And, in case of technical difficulties, a back up system is always available.

How are the Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) over the microphone?

Our Masters of Ceremonies are highly experienced. They use the microphones very effectively. Their announcements come across very energetic and clear. Although our MCs are not at all shy when it comes to talking to large audiences, they are not obnoxious nor do they talk excessively. Our MCs can keep your guests entertained with numerous group participation activities.

Can the DJ keep my guests dancing?

Yes! Our DJs are experienced at "reading the room"--pinpointing what type of music your guests will be most likely to dance to. They are also able to match the beats from one song to the next. This technique, called "beat mixing", results in a smooth transition between songs. This technique can be very effective in increasing the energy level throughout a block of music which keeps your guests out on the dance floor enjoying themselves.

How will the DJ be dressed?

The DJ can be formally attired, in contemporary styled tuxedos, or dressed to fit the occasion. YOUR CHOICE!

Do you charge for set up time?

The time it takes to do a standard setup is not counted against the amount of time included in the package. We do not charge extra for setup unless it is a difficult setup.

When will the DJ be done setting up?

Our DJs usually arrive approximately one hour prior to their starting time. They can be completely set up by the time your guests arrive even if music is not to be played until at a later time. This will avoid inconveniencing your guests. We are proud to have some of the most punctual and dependable DJs in the industry.

What type of lighting and special effects can you provide?

We can provide Intelligent Lighting, Laser Shows, Gobos, Uplights, Monograms, Foggers, Strobes, Mirror Balls, Video Projection and almost anything you can think of.

Call now to make sure we still have your date available.

1(800) 248-3234

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